Shooting Ranges: Practical Guidelines for Improving Your Rifle Accuracy

Shooting Ranges: Practical Guidelines for Improving Your Rifle Accuracy

Shooting Ranges: Practical Guidelines for Improving Your Rifle Accuracy

26 September 2017
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Numerous beginners in rifle shooting assume that their accuracy problems depend on their choice of firearm. However, more often than not, the error can be traced back to the nature of the setup or the execution. When you learn to recognise your mistakes, you can improve your precision and handle any gun at your range with expertise. Here are some simple guidelines to help you avoid common blunders and improve your rifle accuracy.

Mount Your Scope Properly

If your rifle scope is not mounted correctly, you will experience instability when shooting. Therefore, you should talk to an instructor and study the tutorials provided by the manufacturer of your scope. In general, you should start your mounting process with solid bases and rings. Then, level your rifle and stabilise the scope before securing it. You should use a torque wrench for tightening the screw to ensure maximum performance. Take your rifle to a gun shop to have them mount the scope if you're not confident in your own abilities.

Create a Stable Rest

When using a rifle, you should test your ability to shoot instead of your capability to hold the firearm steady. Therefore, you should ensure that you have a stable rest for your activities. If you like handling your weapon in a prone position, you should acquire a steady bipod. Alternatively, you should get a heavy bench to use as your base. 

Watch the Shoulder Pressure

Your shooting accuracy will be compromised by the use of inconsistent shoulder pressure. There is no perfect amount of pressure because this element is difficult to quantify. However, you should ensure that the force is not too high because it will affect your ability to repeat the shots without strain. Find the pressure which works for your body and gun and aim for uniformity with every shot.

Avoid Poor Conditions

If you are a beginner in using rifles, you should not attempt to challenge yourself by handling your firearm in poor outdoor conditions. Allow your skill to grow by practising in indoors in a shooting range before raising the difficulty level. Ideally, you should shoot on calm days in the early morning if you'll be outside. During this time of day, the overall outdoor temperature will be low, and there will be no distracting mirages.

Choose the Right Ammunition

You should be keen on the ammunition for your rifle. Poor ammo selection leads to inconsistencies in performance and general inaccuracies. If possible, you should test different loads of ammunition so that you can identify the best match. Ideally, your firearm should have precision in repeated shots, and the loading procedure should always be consistent.

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