4 Reasons You'll Save by Booking a Serviced Apartment Over a Hotel for Longer Stays

4 Reasons You'll Save by Booking a Serviced Apartment Over a Hotel for Longer Stays

4 Reasons You'll Save by Booking a Serviced Apartment Over a Hotel for Longer Stays

4 October 2018
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If you're looking for long-term accommodation, you'll want to keep your costs low. The cost difference between two options that would be manageable over a week will get outrageous over a couple of months. With that in mind, consider these four ways you can save money by staying in a serviced apartment instead of a hotel.

1. Discounts for Longer Visits

People assume serviced apartments cost more than hotel rooms, and they're often right. If you're only staying for a couple of nights, a serviced apartment will usually work out more expensive than a hotel. However, things tend to change when you book for longer durations. Operators and owners tend to prefer long-term stays, so they incentivize you to stay by dropping the price per night. If you choose to stay for longer than a month, you should see your price per night drop dramatically.  

2. No Added Costs for Amenities

One thing people tend to forget about hotels is just how much they like to charge for amenities that really could be offered for free. Wi-Fi is a common problem – you might get 'free Wi-Fi', but you might also find your use is capped to a very low data allowance each day or that you need to pay extra for a good connection speed. Laundry is another common issue – if you want to wash your clothes, the hotel might charge you. With a serviced apartment, you'll be able to use all the amenities of home at no added cost.

3. You Can Cook Your Own Food

Speaking of all the amenities of home, who doesn't like having their own kitchen? When you stay in a hotel, you'll generally have to eat out each night. That's inconvenient and gets expensive in a hurry. Even staying in and ordering room service is going to see costs skyrocket over a longer stay. With your own kitchen, you can buy and make your own food, which probably means saving hundreds of dollars over a couple of months.

4. Easier to Stay In

Finally, keep in mind how boring it can be sitting in a hotel room. They're generally designed for people who are just going to come in to relax a little before going to sleep, so there's no separate living area where you can spend your evenings; as such, you'll be more tempted to go out, which often means spending money. With a serviced apartment, you'll have a separate living area with plenty of amenities, so staying in won't feel like punishment.

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